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Red Rojo
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Forum Disappeared

Post by Red Rojo »

Not sure how, but I moved a forum out of it's parent category and could no longer see it on the bulletin board.

By resetting the forum's "Parent forum:" back to the original parent category, I now have the forum in the correct category. But in order to see the forum on the bulletin board, it now seems I have to manually reset the "Copy permissions from:" setting for the forum -- and each and every sub-forum, sub-sub-forum, etc. -- to point to the same category. Yikes!

Is there another, more automated way to do this?
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Re: Forum Disappeared

Post by Brf »

"Copy permissions from" is not a setting. It is an action.
Changing a forum's parent does not change its permissions. You should not be having to fix any permissions after changing a forum's parent. The forum should have retained whatever permissions it had from before.

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