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Post by ToonArmy »

Waleed Zuberi wrote: the server thinks I'm trying to copy something from the web browser?

The server is blocking 'cp' because it could be used to copy files on the server if a web application is vulnerable.
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Re: Module Management

Post by Terran-Ender »

I have the same problem, is there a fix for it?
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Waleed Zuberi
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Re: Module Management

Post by Waleed Zuberi »

Hm, not as far as I know. I haven't tried it out on the server I had this problem on for some time...

Has mod_auth been updated in any sense? Maybe there has been a fix?
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Re: Module Management

Post by blueace1 »

I goy the same problem.

After reading ... et_id=3916 and this ... et_id=3197, the problem is clearly that some server configuration does not allow the term "cp" at the end of an url.

Or in system tab, 3 url are

Here is the fix !!! functions_module.php


Code: Select all

$this->module->u_action = append_sid("{$phpbb_admin_path}index.$phpEx", "i={$this->p_name}") . (($icat) ? '&icat=' . $icat : '') . "&mode={$this->p_mode}";

Code: Select all

$this->module->u_action = append_sid("{$phpbb_admin_path}index.$phpEx", "mode={$this->p_mode}") .  "&i={$this->p_name}" . (($icat) ? '&icat=' . $icat : '');

Code: Select all

$this->module->u_action = append_sid($this->module->u_action, "i={$this->p_name}") . (($icat) ? '&icat=' . $icat : '') . "&mode={$this->p_mode}";

Code: Select all

$this->module->u_action = append_sid($this->module->u_action, "mode={$this->p_mode}") . "&i={$this->p_name}"   . (($icat) ? '&icat=' . $icat : '');

Code: Select all

$u_title = $module_url . $delim . 'i=' . (($item_ary['cat']) ? $item_ary['id'] : $item_ary['name'] . (($item_ary['is_duplicate']) ? '&icat=' . $current_id : '') . '&mode=' . $item_ary['mode']);

Code: Select all

$u_title = $module_url . $delim . 'mode=' . $item_ary['mode']. '&i=' . (($item_ary['cat']) ? $item_ary['id'] : $item_ary['name']) . (($item_ary['is_duplicate']) ? '&icat=' . $current_id : '');
Maybe it should be in the base code of phpbb3...
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Re: Module Management

Post by khairolnizam »

i have the same problem..

thx for the functions_module.php fix..
really appreciate it..

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