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Post by aquarelle » Sat Aug 19, 2006 4:19 pm

forum TYPE forum TYPE forum TYPE :roll: 8O banging my head
Thank you, cyberken!!! :D

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Post by cyberken » Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:22 pm

youre welcome :) glad I could help out.
When Olympus goes gold I may do some tutorials if you think it may help people out :)

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Post by asmith3006 » Sun Aug 20, 2006 6:11 pm

There is a whole team dedicated to writing the manual for phpBB 3. Doesn't mean you can't help and add to it though :)

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Post by joshuha » Mon Aug 21, 2006 7:19 pm

I am having the opposite problem. I have a forum I don't want to see on the index page but even when set to no I can still see it.

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Post by acharabia » Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:15 pm

This topic is asking about how to make sub-forum under categories?
Now I know clearly~ but some difficult to explain in English.
So firstly, see just s-shot on Korean forum by me.
click here for direct go.

Simply speaking... FORUM tab click above, and you see default cat and
forum? And you can see box-field bottom(=create new forum) of right?
Write your cat-2, cat-3, cat-4, cat-5... etc. and button click... So you
can new page? Maybe 3 parts. forum [setting, gen-forum setting, forum-rule]
and you just see menu of parts of one.

포럼타입 (=forum type)
파렌포럼 (=parrent forum)
포럼네임 (=forum name)
데스크립션 (=description)
포럼이미지 (=forum image)
로럼스타일 (=forum style)
카피퍼미션프롬 (copy permission from)

This sheet is when clicked link line.

This shett is when click green button.

First time just clcik as "cat" on menu forum type. (there are 3 pull-down
menu... [cat, forum, link] and a... Very important thing is
"copy permission from" you should select this menu such as same cat-1,
cat-2... etc. and finally, click "submit" button of bottom.

2nd you must not click "green button"!!!!
There are blue-green-yellow-red. doesn't it?
(during when make a cat, forum, sub-forum.... this button just
click after all work finish which want to show forum in INDEX.)
Another side, this mean never mind "editing work" at the first very
careful to work setting this tree system on FORUM FRAME... e.g.
You should input correctly once radio button and any values... etc.
at the time first being, if not not perfact fonction on this FORUM tree
system. Understand what I say? Only just cat-1 link line click.
And you can see same format of page before... Making forum also
same action like making cat-1, cat-2... Important thing is this is
tree system!!! So easily saying, make cat-1, and be sure any radio
buttons there, and making forum-1, and be sure any radio buttons there,
and making sub-forum-1, and be sure any radio buttons there....
This is ordering!!! And never forget clcik"copy permission from"
Just simply and you can edit all after...
And reapeat again and again and again...

Why not you can insert any small icon(=image) for
each cat-1, cat-2... forum-1, forum-2... sub-forum-1....



I am having the opposite problem. I have a forum I don't want to see on the index page but even when set to no I can still see it.

This question is easy~ Don't select "copy permission from"
Just leave alone "Do not copy permission" situation.
So we can imagine like this... No show any forum without
any permission action on phpbb3 beta1. So another question occur...
How to setting permission? This is very complicate~
Wait a moment to know and explain in Engl. Anybody know
already here? So making new topic about "How to setting
permission on phpbb3." This phpbb3 creator's done very good job...
I demand to them be sure (topic) CALENDAR with birthday like this fonction!!!

OTL :idea:

acharabia wrote: NB: You should make "category-forum-subforum" onece time work.
If you make category now, and will make forum and sub-forum in
tomorrow... You can not expect fonction correct on INDEX.

Forum created successfully.
Now you are able to set permissions for this forum.
« Back to previous page

If you sucess to process above, you can see this message and frozing
page. And go to 2nd tab button on the top again. Now you can make
last forum, that is, sub-forum... Line link click(=cat), Line link click
(=forum), and finally you can see the page which write on [Edit | Delete | Sync]
And know-how is the same!!! Write sub-forum name in box and click
button(=create new forum) and see same page like forum making...
But now, this time(=sub-forum making)

(When you're on making sub-forum)

This is very important!!! General forum setting yes, no, no, no, no, no
This radio button is your option but correct at first to work that's better.
And "submit" button click... Look!!!! You also same signal like this.

Forum created successfully.
Now you are able to set permissions for this forum.
« Back to previous page

But this page automatically change to setting permission!!!
WOW!!! :o HeeeeHop~ LOL
And now what do you want? Me?
Just click like below...

can see forum = yes, can read forum = yes....
and... If you want... All yes!!! Becoza you're Admin!!! :wink:
But attention!!! Well done first to work at this time...
Permission change is not easy that's mean you should
deleate all the tree line(=cat-forum-subforum) for permission
setting which you really want to fonction.

And others leave alone~ Or you can choose on your favor now...
And click "Apply permission" button on left. You can see this message.

Permissions have been updated
« Back to previous page

This is all of know-how to make
cat-forum-sub-forum on phpbb3 beta1.
Are you OK? phpbbers? hehehe~ 8)
Did you understand? Any questions?
And Now Have a Goooodaime,
Becoza time isza money~ :wink:
Gibe me my avata~

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Post by macxr8 » Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:33 am

I got same problem, however I also have too many topics already in my main forum, and php is asking me to move or delete before changing main forum...


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