LDAP auth (anon bind is not good)

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LDAP auth (anon bind is not good)

Post by eliast »

Hy all! I've dled the latest cvs beta to try if LDAP authentication works. instllation went through, all ok.

I could not successfully set up a connection to my openldap server, because phpbb does an anonymous bind and then search for the admin account. This simply not supported by our server. We have a user for each and every application we use, and users cannot bind to our ldap backend, only applications can. (so we don't have to deal with security permissions for users, only for applications, and it's significally less to do) And then applications seeks for the userdata based on the mail attribute.

So is it possible to set up a non anonymous ldap connection/authentication? And then the forum users not to be authenticated but searched for data in the directory? I don't know if I could explain my problem correctly, sorry for my english...
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Post by Graham »

This will not be possible with the standard LDAP authentication plugin with phpBB 3.0

It is possible however to write your own plugin which implements the functionality you desire
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