Portal system for phpbb 3.0

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Portal system for phpbb 3.0

Post by igiveup »

There are several projects that extend the forum to a complete site system, with administration features for non-professionals to update the information, login, poll and search options. Can you tell me if there is a project that works with this beta version (that I've already installed)?
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Post by matthewf »

it has been stated that there is no official support for any portal nor will there be,, as for using one now, if there is one it will be unsupported here, and I haven't a clue on what portal systems there are for phpbb3 beta, but saying that you really should wait for the final release before finding one
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Post by agent00shoe »

Yes, I know of at least one portal project for Olympus is in the works. Probably several I haven't seen. You'll have to wait for at least RC1 comes out before anyone makes them public though.
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Re: Portal system for phpbb 3.0

Post by Frold »

Its still beta as phpBB3 is beta - but you can play around with it... Its very simple like ezPortal was to phpBB2

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