B4 -> B5 Multi-Diff upgrade issue

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B4 -> B5 Multi-Diff upgrade issue

Post by Nathan_Anderson »

I ran the nifty B4->B5 scripts and everything worked pretty smoothly. However, the "overall_header.tpl" was NOT merged with my changes -- it was the only file that had "Conflicts" and it showed me my conflicts, and still it didn't merge them for that one file. Figure I would give a heads up.

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Post by matthewf »

mods aren't supported at the moment in time, so you are best off uploading a fresh copy of overall_header.html (there is no overall_header.tpl in phpbb3)
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Post by Acyd Burn »

If you chose the default option from the four available you should have the new file there. It has been integrated because most people used to merge their files while having used a CVS version (which would be a custom modification) - thus actually downgrading to a degree. Therefore the first option is the safest, just using the new content.

If you think there is a bug you would need to post this within the bug tracker anyway - with as much information as possible. :)

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