Does it have any side effects?

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Does it have any side effects?

Post by Learnerrr »

Hello everybody.

I've been using phpBB for a good time and I have the version 2.0.22, however I am so excited to give the phpBB3 a try, I downloaded the zip file and all but I have few questions before I mess things up.

I will start by my first question which is the most important for me, does installing phpBB3 in the same domain ( have any side effects on the previous one (2.0.22)? In other words will the database be affected and is there any risks of conflict? Moreover is there any minimum risk of damage to the 2.0.22 version?

Your answers are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Post by madtay »

Providing you use a different table prefix for the database there will be no side effects whatsoever.. you could have dozens of forums on the same domain if you wish providing the table prefix is different. :D

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Post by Edinho »

Just make sure you have a proper sql back up so if it goes arse end up you can restore it.

And make a backup of the backup because... well life sucks and it will happen. :x


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