MySQL has gone away - How to find large posts

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MySQL has gone away - How to find large posts

Post by Yautja_cetanu »

O.k I thought I had the solution but it appears not. Still getting the "Mysql has gone away" error. I'll keep looking and my thoughts on the solution are below. Looks like there are lots of different causes to the problem

Well here is my error message:
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

MySQL server has gone away [2006]


SET NAMES 'binary'


FILE: includes/db/mysqli.php
LINE: 116
CALL: dbal->sql_error()

FILE: install/convertors/functions_phpbb20.php
LINE: 349
CALL: dbal_mysqli->sql_query()

CALL: phpbb_set_encoding()

FILE: install/install_convert.php
LINE: 1941
CALL: call_user_func_array()

FILE: install/install_convert.php
LINE: 1219
CALL: install_convert->process_row()

FILE: install/install_convert.php
LINE: 203
CALL: install_convert->convert_data()

FILE: install/index.php
LINE: 326
CALL: install_convert->main()

FILE: install/index.php
LINE: 198
CALL: module->load() ... 03#p171103

Been getting this MySQL has gone away error message. Haven't reported it as a bug yet. But anyone know how do I find the offending post?

Apparantly this error is caused by a post full of loads of spam and causes MySQL to lose connection. So I need to find a really big post. Any ideas? I have access to Query Browser so there must be some SQL code for it?


EDIT: I am dealing with it by going into mysql Query browser (Probably work in phpmyadmin as well) and running this code

Code: Select all

SELECT * FROM phpbb_posts_text WHERE LENGTH(post_text)>10000 ORDER BY LENGTH(post_text) desc;
The number 10000 can obviously be changed and the top post will most likely be the problem causing post. However anyone know where the converter will die?

EDIT: I believe the offending post had 65,535 characters
My next biggest post which I haven't touched is 43,080

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