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Convert phpBB3

Post by murnauvsbuñuel »

i have convert my forum phpbb 2.0.22 to phpBB 3.0 RC1 from the tag named "convert" then say me this message:
No installation found
The phpBB Unified Convertor Framework requires a default installation of phpBB3 to function, please proceed by first installing phpBB3.
i dont undestand why dont work?
sorry for my bad english i am spanish.
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Re: phpBB v3.0 RC1 Installation error

Post by igorw »

murnauvsbuñuel, next time please create a new topic. You have to install phpBB3 before upgrading from phpBB2 ;)
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Re: Convert phpBB3

Post by pentapenguin »

You need to install phpBB3 first before you can convert.
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