[How to] Disable Email friend ?

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[How to] Disable Email friend ?

Post by dahia »

Sometimes shared hosting providers put limit on maximum outbound emails per hour
while reply notifications , PM notifications, new members registration is eating up enough from that limit.

i'd like to know how can i disable the "email to friend" or "print topic" function ?
any idea !
Thanks in advance
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Re: [How to] Disable Email friend ?

Post by kber »

in overall_body.html find and REMOVE

Code: Select all

<!-- IF U_EMAIL_TOPIC --><li class="rightside"><a href="{U_EMAIL_TOPIC}" title="{L_EMAIL_TOPIC}" class="sendemail">{L_EMAIL_TOPIC}</a></li><!-- ENDIF -->
				<!-- IF U_EMAIL_PM --><li class="rightside"><a href="{U_EMAIL_PM}" title="{L_EMAIL_PM}" class="sendemail">{L_EMAIL_PM}</a></li><!-- ENDIF -->
				<!-- IF U_PRINT_TOPIC --><li class="rightside"><a href="{U_PRINT_TOPIC}" title="{L_PRINT_TOPIC}" accesskey="p" class="print">{L_PRINT_TOPIC}</a></li><!-- ENDIF -->
				<!-- IF U_PRINT_PM --><li class="rightside"><a href="{U_PRINT_PM}" title="{L_PRINT_PM}" accesskey="p" class="print">{L_PRINT_PM}</a></li><!-- ENDIF -->
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Re: [How to] Disable Email friend ?

Post by kathryn_m »

I am trying to edit this file to apply this mod but am unable to find the overall_body.html file.

Can you tell me what path the file should be located in?
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Re: [How to] Disable Email friend ?

Post by Tripp »

He means overall_header.html

Not sure why he said overall_body.html
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Re: [How to] Disable Email friend ?

Post by stevemaury »

Note that deleting that code will not prevent someone from manually typing the link into the URL window of the browser, but there are very few people who would know you could do that, let alone the proper syntax for the link.
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Re: [How to] Disable Email friend ?

Post by amoun »


the file is viewtopic_body.html

line 55 and 56
as of version 3.0.5
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