custom profile field template problem

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custom profile field template problem

Post by Mickroz »

Version of phpBB3: 3.0RC1

Load Settings:
Allow styles to display custom profile fields in memberlist: No
Display custom profile fields in user profiles: Yes
Display custom profile fields on topic pages: No

Custom profile fields:
Edit profile field
Field type: Single text field
Field identification: address
Display profile field: Yes

Visibility option
Display in user control panel: Yes

Language specific options [en]
field name/title presented to the user: address

Problem: field and value not showing

hi, i want a custom profile field only to be viewed by an admin,so i used this code in members_view.html

Code: Select all

			<!-- NOTE: Use a construct like this to include admin defined profile fields. Replace FIELD1 with the name of your field. -->
			<dt>{postrow.PROFILE_ADDRESS_NAME}:</dt> <dd>{postrow.PROFILE_ADDRESS_VALUE}</dd>
		<!-- ENDIF -->
and removed the custom profile code

Code: Select all

		<!-- BEGIN custom_fields --><dt>{custom_fields.PROFILE_FIELD_NAME}:</dt> <dd>{custom_fields.PROFILE_FIELD_VALUE}</dd><!-- END custom_fields -->
the problem is that it shows only : instead of address: Address.
and the rest of the custom profile fields aren't showing,because i removed that line of code, how should i do this so that all custom profile fields are shown,and the ones i only want to be viewable by admins are shown when a admin views a users profile??
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