When posting "reply" msg repeat again same as subjt topic

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When posting "reply" msg repeat again same as subjt topic

Post by acharabia »

Anybody here having same problem in this area?
Actually, I had this problem also in phpbb2.
When I post replying, all of messages are same like upper contents.
What can I do at that time? What is the reason? Why this problem occur?
I've never touch too much viewtopic.php... When I used phpbb2...
I just thought too much MODs installing... So this kinds of problem comming...
But this time is phpbb3 but same problem coccuring now.
Ah~ temper climbing higher and higher... :(

But when click edit button, there is the messeage aliving to reply...
Anybody here having same problem or knowing remedy this problem
help me~ :|

Ugh?!?! I checked all my phpbb(=pb2, pb3) in same
hosting all were SAME!!! When post replying reapeat again
same msg in upper... Now I first knwoing about this... :shock:
Anybody know here about this problem? Now... Total New instal
RC version but there is no problem for replying... So...
maybe this is the reason of BBcode critical error?!?!
Should I deleate all of BBcode?!?! :roll:

No BBcode... I tested after all BBcode delete
at phpbb3 but problem still yet. Anybody help me...

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