[RC4] "Log me on automatically each visit" does not work

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Re: [RC4] "Log me on automatically each visit" does not work

Post by Cr00zng »

The auto login seems to work as long as the member:
  • accepts cookies for the forum
  • selects "Log me on automatically each visit"
  • doesn't click on "Logout [Member_ID]", just closes the browser
If the member clicks on "Logout [Member_ID]", the password is presumably removed from the cookie and auto login will not work.
Here are the settings that I've tried:

Cookie settings:
  • Cookie domain: bb.mydomain.com
  • Cookie name: bb forum (also tried bbforum, bb_forum, and blank)
  • Cookie path: /
  • Cookie secure: Disabled
The actual cookie name on the member's PC is "bb.mydomain", regardless what name the cookie had in the ACP. Even in the case of leaving the cookie name blank, the name of the cookie was "bb.mydomain". Refreshing the forum, deleting the member's cookie, and accepting the cookie again made no difference in the cookie name; the cookie name seems to be taken from the domain name around the first dot.

Server settings:
  • Force server URL settings: No (also tried "Yes" with no noticeable difference)
These settings had been tested with RC3, RC4, and IE 7.0; I couldn't get Firefox to login automatically :( .

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Re: [RC4] "Log me on automatically each visit" does not work

Post by ylcncn »

hey guys i have the same problems but when i did like this i dont get this error
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Re: [RC4] "Log me on automatically each visit" does not work

Post by kureng »

simarilius wrote:Ok,
we had some problems get it running too :?
Tried several things, so i don't know what it was ;)
My settings which work for forums.mydomain.com:
Cookie settings:
Cookie domain:.mydomain.com
Cookie name:forumsmydomain (here i removed a "_")
Cookie path: /
Cookie secure: Disabled

Server settings
Force server URL settings: Yes (i think this may have been the relevant change)
tried remove the "_" but still not working... force server URL settings on or off does not affect at all... :cry:
coding php is fun actually
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Re: [RC4] "Log me on automatically each visit" does not work

Post by weber_ »

I have no problems with this.
Try to set cookie path to just /

I also have forum at http://domain.com/forum/ but cookie path can be / as well.

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