phpbb3 newbie

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Location: phpbb3 newbie

phpbb3 newbie

Post by steve8675537 »

So i'm wondering about the basic phpbb3 package.... when you install it for the first time, does a phpbb3 come with any of the following?

attachment faciility already (acidburn style) ?
blog facility?

or am i competely off the mark? if so what does phpbb3 have that phpbb2 does not?
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Re: phpbb3 newbie

Post by DarkGod »

It comes with subsilver2 and prosilver.
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Re: phpbb3 newbie

Post by bonelifer »

I don't know if you'd call the attachment system "acidburn style". But the lead phpBB developer is Acyd Burn(you just spelled the name wrong).
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Re: phpbb3 newbie

Post by pentapenguin »

steve8675537 wrote:attachment faciility already (acidburn style) ?
blog facility?
If you mean a similar one to the Attachment MOD in phpBB2, then yes it does. No it doesn't have a blog feature and never will. Feel free to ask in the MOD Requests forum though.
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