Easiest way to move a board from one site to another?

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Easiest way to move a board from one site to another?

Post by fanzing »


I own two web sites, fanzing.com and thehutch.com. I have a PHPBB3 board on each one, though the one on thehutch.com was only recently set up and doesn't have content, while the fanzing.com one has a lot of registered users and posts that I'd like to save. I recently decided to move everything to TheHutch.com, using .htaccess to make a subfolder for Fanzing and moving everything there. Thus, there will be only one PHPBB serving all of my sites and domains under TheHutch.

I tried doing a backup of the Fanzing board and then restoring it on TheHutch, but they are incompatible because they use databases with different names. I don't mind if I lose everything I have in my present board installation on TheHutch.

I did find this under the Knowledge database, and I think I could follow it.
http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article/how-to- ... ew-server/
Just to be clear, though: do the instructions apply to a PHPBB3 board as well?
Also, would I want to delete my board there and start over?
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Re: Easiest way to move a board from one site to another?

Post by pentapenguin »

Are you basically wanting to "merge" the two forums? If so that's not possible yet (until somebody makes a script for that).
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