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Re: Conversion (Help)

Post by karlsemple »

JezUK1 wrote:Sorted!!! at last thanks so much for your help buddie!! I was useing myqsl 4.0 on my web server and my localhost was 5.0 so I re did everything in 5.0 and that sorted :-)

Are you the same person I was helping in IRC just?
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Re: Conversion (Help)

Post by g unit »

I'm having the same problem... I would assume that it's because my db is approx 13MB, and my webhost has set up phpmyadmin to only accept 2mb worth of data at a time... Anyway, I'm trying the back/resubmit technique now... I hope it works!
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Re: Conversion (Help)

Post by gardensgrey »

Pricelessparrots wrote:Im having the same problem mate, are you on 1and1 hosting company? Am not getting very far at the moment.
No one seems to be able to help with this as it seems to be a server error.. I have managed to install ok but nit convert and get the same error as you when converting.. very frustrating..

I am using 1and1 and am having the same problem. HOWEVER, I was able to convert one of my boards (I have several different websites), but now I get the 500 error when I try to convert the others.

I have a Mac, so I don't know if the other options listed in this thread will work? I will explore further, but just wanted to post in case someone had gotten an answer from 1and1.

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