Forum-specific permissions problem

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Forum-specific permissions problem

Post by Up the Junction »

Looking for some advice ...

In our forums we have a specific forum for moderators only. In our previous phpbb v2 the moderators had access to the moderators forum. Since changing to phpbb v3 none of the mods can see the mods forum on the forum index page - only the Admins group can view this forum.

Looking at the permissions for this forum in the ACP, each of the moderators are listed individually in the users field - which, I would have thought, would enable them to see the forum. However I note that their primary group is 'registered users', who obviously don't have access to the moderators forum.

Would I therefore be right in assuming that the Group permissions override individial Users permissions? If so, how do I enable the mods to have access to this mods forum? I don't want to give them Global Moderator status (which, having checked, does enable the mods forum to be viewed) ... so would I need to create a new group for the moderators and grant this new group access to the mods forum?

Hope somebody can help ... and that this makes sense! Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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