sticky/announcement problem

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sticky/announcement problem

Post by statuesorbust »

I have just installed a fresh copy of phpbb 3 Gold. One thing I can't find it the ability to sticky or announcement a topic... I have looked everywhere. Also I don't seem to be able to read a topic then, come back a day later when it is a couple of pages long and go to the new page automatically. It always starts at page 1 again... Any help would be appreciated.

Charles L. Cotton
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Re: sticky/announcement problem

Post by Charles L. Cotton »

I had the same problem with Sticky/Announcement and I found the problem was with the permissions. I can't recall exactly what I had to do to fix it, but I'll try to poke around the permissions and figure out what I did.

I don't know about your other problem.


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Re: sticky/announcement problem

Post by acoran »

yeah! I have the same problem!!

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Re: sticky/announcement problem

Post by karlsemple »

The ability to make sticky or Announcement topics is defined in the forum permissions, you will need to allow this via the forum permissions. Even Admin and Moderators will need the ability allowed in the forum permissions :)


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