installation help please

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installation help please

Post by steve8675537 »

When trying to install phpbb3 i have these problems below and i cant proceed due to my files being unwritable, i'm not very good at this sort of thing, what do i do to solve the problem and how do i do it?


Files and Directories
Required - In order to function correctly phpBB needs to be able to access or write to certain files or directories. If you see “Not Found” you need to create the relevant file or directory. If you see “Unwritable” you need to change the permissions on the file or directory to allow phpBB to write to it.

cache/: Found, Unwritable files/: Found, Unwritable store/: Found, Unwritable Optional files and directories
Optional - These files, directories or permission settings are not required. The installation system will attempt to use various techniques to create them if they do not exist or cannot be written to. However, the presence of these will speed installation.

config.php: Found, Unwritable images/avatars/upload/: Found, Unwritable
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Re: installation help please

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