Database sizes differ after backup/restore?

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Database sizes differ after backup/restore?

Post by pumpkinkid »

Hi folks, I have a small question...

I have a Windows IIS 6 server with MySQL 5.0.54-log that has my database files at 6.77 MB.

I am testing my Linux learning capabilities using an at home CentOS 5.1 server with MySQL 5.0.22
The database size is 257.98 KB

Now my question is, where is the size difference? all my database entries seem to be there...

So you know what I did, basically I installed PHPBB3.00 from scratch on the CentOS 5.1 server and backed up my Windows server through the ACP maintenance tab and restored it to the new install...

does it have to do with the -log part? I just can't believe that makes the difference....

any input greatly appreciated, thanks!


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