Timeouts/buffer problems with large forum/upgrade from 2.0

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Timeouts/buffer problems with large forum/upgrade from 2.0

Post by Letus2001 » Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:47 pm

Hi, im using phpbb 2.0 forum with Ptirhiik's mod hierarchy. I did clean install of phpbb 3.0 on my server, after several hours i moved all my existing content from 2.0 to 3.0 board, including permissions and users. Currently, i have 250.000 posts, 50.000 topics, 6000 users and 4500 categories (please dont discuss that, this is how we need our forum to be :)).

As version 2.0 has been modded heavily to fulfill our needs, it became slower, especially when google and other bots hits the site for indexing. Version 3.0 seems to be having 99% of our existing functionality in the core, without need of any modification, im expecting big speed boost / server load decrease.

After migration, i hit two issues :

1) the forum cannot be loaded, because it is hitting the max_allowed packet mysql error - for anonymous user it tries to do some nasty update to phpbb_users table to set user_permissions= ... kind of sql, which is currently 1.050.000 bytes long. I know i can update this parameter on the mysql, but I wonder, why is this so huge, if each of our 6000 users will have 1Mb set of permissions, that makes 6Gb just for the users table !!! How the user permissions are used during the work ? are they accessed each time, are they stored server side on some session variable, in memory or file ? or are they sent via cookie to client ? and what is the relationship between ACL_ROLES table and this USER_PERMISSIONS field ? does it duplicate its role ?

2) i cannot set any permissions, as any try to load the list of forums in admin panel ends with

"Maximum execution time of 30 seconds"

error. When doing the same in our old forum, ptirhiiks mod, it works fine, even if there are 4500 branches, we have like 15 top level categories with up to level 8 nesting below them. How the admin page of 3.0 works with the forums ? does it cache it somehow ? can I set something somewhere to be able to work with them ? Again, increasing timeout is kind of solution, but if this is what it takes to have the forum working, i dont think it is the right one for me to use, i cannot have my user wait over 30s to get page displayed :(

Please let me know, if you have any experience with such a size of forum in 3.0 version, or if there are any kind of optimalisation that can be done to vanilla 3.0 to make it work faster.
Version of phpBB3: 3.0
Was this a fresh install or a(n) update/upgrade/conversion (please be specific)? : fresh install, then upgrade from 2.0
Was this an install through your host? : no, but i have full control of the server, including hardware
MODs you have installed: none yet
When the problem started: immediatly after conversion was done

Additionally, you may wish to provide the following (where applicable)
Template(s) used: prosilver only
Language(s) used: en, czech
Version of PHP used: 4.4.4-pl8-gentoo
Database and version used: 4.0.26
the forum is running on dual core machine with 4 gb memory and sata raid, only big application on this server, so most of the resources are available to the forum.

thank you

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Re: Timeouts/buffer problems with large forum/upgrade from 2.0

Post by Letus2001 » Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:20 am

There is one error I already identified - during the upgrade the forums were not transfered correctly in the structure they were on 2.0 / MOD HIERARCHY, but all were put to top level category. I replaced the parent id with correct numbers to restore the tree hierarchy, but didnt noticed the left_id and right_id structure. After some search on this forum i used a code posted here to rebuild the left_id and right_id numbers, so at least the structure is now ok. Im still having the timeout issues when on AUTH admin page, but i can work via the categories doing "COPY RIGTHS FROM FORUM ..." setting, its a pain, but at least some way.

Anyway, as my structure is nested like

Top level
- Level 1
-- Level 1.1
-- Level 1.2
- Level 2
-- Level 2.1
-- Level 2.2

etc, but when I go to index page, i see it like this :

Top level
Subforums : - Level 1 - Level 1.1 - Level 1.2 - Level 2 - Level 2.1 - Level 2.2

which is kind of unexpected to me, Id expect to see

Top level
Subforums : - Level 1 - Level 2

and when i go to Level 1, I would see all the subcategories, but not in TOP LEVEL. Is this normal acting of PHPBB 3.0 or am I missing some setting somewhere ?


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