using wordpress code in phpBB3 header

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using wordpress code in phpBB3 header

Post by egriz »

my site has a wordpress blog as the root content and a phpbb3 forum in a subfolder. I am trying to use the menu system I have for wordpress in my phpbb3 header.

To do this, I know I have to include a wordpress file to get the correct functions and then also include the code to build the navigation bar from the wordpress pages.

The files needed to be included (1 for wordpress funtions and one for code to build navigation) are

wordpress functions:
Wordpress navigation file:
phpBB3 forum:

Any idea how I can include the two files in phpBB3 so I can display the menu that is part of wordpress? Thanks
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Re: using wordpress code in phpBB3 header

Post by Jaiibee »

I would imagine the navigation is a simple

Code: Select all


include wp-content/themes/themename/navbar.php
Or something like that, havent really done much coding lately (damn flash assignments).
As for the functions; it depends on the way navbar.php is configured, if it is programmed to find /wp-blog-header.php, then copy wp-blog-header.php over to forums/

If it isnt that, then I have no idea sorry.

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