Differences in Code

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Differences in Code

Post by ScionCrow »

Just some I'm clear, I've already checked this topic in particular, read it all.

Now, I would be very pleased if SOMEONE (I don't necessarily have a preference as to who) could make some sort of list of code changes in phpBB 3.0.0 -> 3.0.1. I do not keep up with RC updates and have not bothered to update to that. I don't really have that many MODs installed on my own forum, about 11 of them require changes in the files. However, when looking at the auto-update engine, there were more conflicts than I could even care to read through and manually pick them out from the files.

I do have a gripe to that auto-update engine because I've never liked anything that auto-updates the code when I'd rather update the coding myself because I do make custom edits for my uses to some of the MODs I install. The style changes I'm not worried about, as I know where to get those in particular. I'm worried about the PHP code that I'm going to have to change a bit just to get it working. As it stands right now, I have a broken test forum from the update and now I'll have to re-do all those edits again because somewhere got messed up. If anyone wants to know what the error is:
$var -= 1 << $this->keyoptions[$key]; } else { return ($data) ? $var : false; } if (!$data) { $this->data['user_options'] = $var; return true; } else { return $var; } } } ?>
Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: user in /home/shippo/public_html/.bbtest/common.php on line 203
There it is.

I've always liked the fact that the code changes were present in the 2.0.X series, and would really appreciate them for 3.0.X There are quite a few people out there who would love manual code changes since it helps those who have modified their board with whatever is out there.
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Re: Differences in Code

Post by Elias »

Use the KDiff3 like Marshalrusty said on the other topic.

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