Can't access ACP since cookie/server setting maintenance

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Can't access ACP since cookie/server setting maintenance

Post by ellisz » Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:08 pm


Hopefully someone can help me fix my blunder...

I had to set up my site pointing to its individual IP addy since the domain exitisted on a different server. Once we shut the old server down and pointed everything to the new server, everything was fine. When notifications of PM's or topic replies would be sent out, the link back to the site listed the path with the IP address instead of the website address. IE would always give me an caution error telling me I was going to a non conforming web address or something similar to that.

I attemped to fix this last night ...
In the cookie settings, I removed the IP address and put the site address.
I also maintenanced the server setting which was the one that actually seemed to make the change. The board seemed fine when I went to bed but now I when I login, it says I am logged in and shows me at the bottom as logged but but I am not and the ACP is not accessable.

The ACP link is visible right after I login, but if I click on it, it says I don't have priveleges to do so.

I was able to turn off the forced server setting this morning so how. At least I think I did but I cant do anything now. Is there a direct path that I can try to get into the ACP?
I was trying to change this: ... lder=inbox

To This: ... lder=inbox

I think part of the issue is the new path points to the joomla forum and the old one to joomla/distribution. The /forum entry I put into the phpbb due to the RC3 bridge. This has cause me headaches when I need the phpbb3 file path. I am never sure what to use. I just need to get into the ACP right now and put things back to the way they were. ...

Any Ideas?


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