Confused myself with groups.

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Confused myself with groups.

Post by Smeep »

Ok, this might be really simple and I'm just making a big hash of it, so I'm sorry if this is a noobish question! But I've been reading and re-reading the user guide and I'm just getting more confused every single time I go through it. So, I'm gonna try and explain to you what I need to achieve and hopefully you can help elaborate on the matter so that I can understand it better.

The first question is: Is it possible to set a group moderator as per previous versions of phpBB? If so where? I can see how to create a group and give them permissions with regards to using the message board, but I can't see how to set a group moderator and give them permission to add people to the group, remove them etc.

The more complex question is going to require a little explaining.

So, basically I run a small clan called ClanVRM. It's actually a group of 3 clans that become one when it's necessary. So, what I used to have were 3 seperate forums. Now, that I've upgraded, I don't want that any more and I want 1 forum for all 3 clans, each with their own subsection - which I have achieved. The problem now is coming to groups.

What I need is:

1. An Admin for the entire board (me) [check]
2. A group for each of the V, R and M, so 3 groups for regular, everday clan members.
3. A moderator for each of those groups to add new people to the clan.
4. A moderating group for each ot the V, R and M clans - to look after their own subsection of the board and nothing else.

(If you're confused as I am, here's the current set up of the board

So lets put this in to an example so that you can understand what I need. You have three clans, the Vanquishers (v) the Regiments (R) and the Minions (m) together they form Clan VRM.

So the board should operate like this (click for image)

I'm sure there's something very simple that I'm over looking or haven't noticed, but if someone could give me a push in the right direction it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for your time, and again, sorry if it's a noobish question but the userguide is just throwing me off! (probably because I'm ill)

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