Mass e-mail opt out?

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Mass e-mail opt out?

Post by Timmer »

I just used the "Mass e-mail" feature for the first time ever last night. The page for the function says:

"Here you can e-mail a message to either all of your users or all users of a specific group having the option to receive mass e-mails enabled."

What happens when "Send to group" is set to "All users" for the Mass e-mail and users have "Administrators can e-mail me information" set to "no." Will they receive the email or not?

Basically I want to know if this is functionally the same as "opt-out" for the "Mass e-mail" feature.


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Re: Mass e-mail opt out?

Post by ameeck »

The mass e-mail will never be sent to users having the 'Administrators can e-mail me information' setting set to 'No'. Even if you select All Users. All Users in this context means All registered users that allowed sending mass e-mails.

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Re: Mass e-mail opt out?

Post by drathbun »

Questions about standard features are best asked in the Support forum, thanks.

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