external account usage in a java application

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external account usage in a java application

Post by combuster » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:38 pm


I have a server running a phpbb3.1 (e.g. forum.example.com). Another server runs a Java-Web-Service (service.example.com) and I would like to join the user-accounts. Best would be, if the Java-Application could use the phpBB3.1 accounts - ideally it auto-detects if users are logged in at the phpbb3.1.

I thought of solving it by a wrapper living as a php3.1 extension:
  1. move service.example.org to javaservice.example.org
  2. put a page at service.example.com which calls forum.example.com/javaserviceWrapper
  3. write an phpBB3.1 extension at forum.example.com/javaserviceWrapper which forwards the service call to javaservice.example.com providing log-in-information and answers with the result of the service-call.
What do you think? is it a possible approach? Any other ideas to solve it?

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