File handling in complex extension (CMS)

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File handling in complex extension (CMS)

Post by D@ve »

I developed a rather huge CMS mod, I want to convert into an extension, and I'm considering how to handle the files... either the old fashioned way (in my case above the forum root) or completely in the extension folder...

What are the advantages of the extension folder? I tend to do it old school, since I have a lot of files and some complex rewrite stuff in .htacces.
But it still would be great to have a one-click install. Is it possible to copy files during the installation process / migration to another folder outside the extension directory?

What do you recommend?

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Re: File handling in complex extension (CMS)

Post by Paul »

It depends, if you want to submit your extension later on to the extension database, you are required to follow the database validation rules. These rules require you to put everything in extension/vendor/name, nothing to be allowed outside.
When using controllers, you are limited to the limitation of the routing system within phpBB, so you will need to look if that fits the requirements you have.
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