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Reading a template file

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I'm working on a [hide]-bbcode extension. Now I'm stuck at a certain piece of code. I want to use a template-file for the resulting HTML of the bbcode, just like the bbcode-class does for some bbcodes (see bbcode.php).

I got that working, but I don't know whether it's really the best way to do this. See this line and thereafter: ... r.php#L215

I'm particularly in doubt about this line:

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$this->template->set_style(array('styles', 'ext/marcovo/hide_bbcode/styles'))
I think the rest shouldn't be much of a problem. But is this line above entirely ok? I guess it is not, because it's overwriting all previously set style-settings in some sort of way I guess. What I would like to do is:

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, which would only add[/ic] my directory, instead of replace all entries by my directory. But this doesn't seem to work unfortunately.

Any ideas?

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