Extension, apply changes directly from index page

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Extension, apply changes directly from index page

Post by djorlando »

Hello. I need some advices pls. I want to create an extension to have the possibility to change something to each row on forums list ( index page ) and each forum row will have an unique submit form visible only to admin. So basically i won't need an extension url ( am i ? ) ..i mean from what i saw each extension has an url defined inside routing.yml like this one for example:

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    pattern: /rules
    defaults: { _controller: phpbb.boardrules.controller:display }
Which means that the extension will be visible if we visit this page: myurl/rules
But i won't need that since i am on the index page.
Any advice please?
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Re: Extension, apply changes directly from index page

Post by Wolfsblvt »

This is only for controllers, so if you need a new site for your extension.
You don't need that.

What you have to do is write a listener and listen to the event that can modify the code for each forum row on index.
There you can add your code.
If you have a specific extension request and you are willing to pay for, you can write me a PM.
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