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phpBB Development System

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What is it?
  • It's a virtual machine managed by Vagrant. After starting it up you can develop locally but have access like you would have when you develop on a dedicated root server.
Why not simply use WAMP/XAMP/MAMP?
  • Unlike *AMP you are on a real server with PHP 5.5 on Ubuntu 14.04. Meaning you can do whatever you could on a real webserver. Also with SSH access.
  • Vagrant projects are simply included into PhpStorm.
Anything else that should make me happy?
  • Surf to the testboard inside your browser with a real URL.
  • Debug your code with XDebug (IDE Key Vagrant on port 9000).
  • Simply reset your development system.
  • All mails send by sendmail are not sent but saved as textfiles.
  • Easily review the Accesslog, Errorlog and Rewritelog of Apache.
  • All files created by PHP are saved inside a separate directory to hold the dev dir clean.
Pro hints
  • Database changes are migrated and versioned with flyway.
  • Write Access to Docroot is redirected into /logs/htdocs with overlayfs.
  • Database access via jdbc:mysql://localhost:3308 possible.

Why I created it? To be honest I need a good development platform for a shopping system. The phpBB devsystem was somewhat like a playground. But now that I finished it, why not share it with the community?
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