[Info] WordPress w3all phpBB integration plug-in

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[Info] WordPress w3all phpBB integration plug-in

Post by david63 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:34 am

I have recently been working on a problem where the WordPress w3all phpBB integration (1.9.4) plug-in was installed.

For anyone not familiar with this plug-in it creates a "bridge" between WP and phpBB whereby new users to WP are automatically added to phpBB (it actually seems to do a reasonably good job!)

The purpose of this topic is to point out to extension developers that where this WP plug-in is installed there are some areas of phpBB that are bypassed (particularly registration and login/session handling) which means that any extension that is using events in these procedures will not work - there may be other areas also that are bypassed, but I did not get any deeper into how it works.

This may be of help to extension developers when there is an unknown problem as to why an extension is not working correctly on some boards.
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Re: [Info] WordPress w3all phpBB integration plug-in

Post by twm49 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:52 am

I've been using WordPress w3all phpBB integration for about 4 years without any problems, but I have privileged the subscription only through phpBB. None of the installed extensions or plugins gave me problems. I did not need any assistance, but I remember the developer very helpful.
I attach list of plugins and extentions that I have in use at present, without problems.
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