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‼️ Extension naming policies update

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Recently we have updated our extension naming policies to only allow alphanumeric lowercase characters for vendor/ext. If you're an extension author and your extension already complies with the updated policy, which is the case for most extensions, you have nothing to worry about.

For those extensions that use now invalid characters, please be aware of the following rules regarding extension validation.
  1. We will not accept new contributions to the CDB that use anything but alphanumeric lowercase characters. For example, if you create a new contribution and submit your very first revision using Vendor/Ext, the revision will be denied.
  2. If your existing contribution has at least one approved revision using non-alphanumeric lowercase characters, we will continue to accept new revisions. However, you must not change your vendor name or extension name. For example, if your new revision has its previously approved Vendor/Ext changed to vendor/ext or contains code that attempts to change your original vendor name or extension name in the database, the revision will be denied.

    Furthermore, keep in mind that:
    1. It will be required for phpBB 4.0 extensions to use all alphanumeric lowercase characters vendor/ext.
    2. It's not possible to migrate your code from using Vendor/Ext to using vendor/ext.
    3. It's not possible to have two extensions vendor/ext and Vendor/Ext running at the same time.
    4. You will need to create a new contribution in the CDB for your phpBB 4.0 compatible extension.
    5. It won't be possible to migrate any data from your current extension that uses Vendor/Ext to your phpBB 4.0 compatible extension.
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