Language switch not working ("solved")

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Language switch not working ("solved")

Post by Crizzo »


I am working on an extension: (branch: 3.2.x) and I have one bug, I cannot solve at the moment, ideas welcome.

Bug description:
When the user is on: because he opens this link or the extensions forces him to open it and agree to the terms, there is on the right top corner a dropdown-menu to select other languages (if there are at least 2 installed). But if you select another language, the page reloads, but the Terms or Privacy do not change.

How to reproduce:
Use a phpBB 3.2.10 or 3.3.1 with at least two languages available. Activate the extension. Don't use the extension's custom ToU or PP. Go back to the board index with a non-founder-account, you are redirected to and now you can switch the language on the right top corner or go directly to

Probably helpful files
- Template: ... _body.html
- Controller: ... r/main.php

Thanks for your help. :)

Kind Regards

It looks like that the user language is always overwritten by the UCP language, so only the switch is possible for guests. This fact and the lack of benefits for this function led to the case, that i've removed that feature from the extension.
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Re: Language switch not working ("solved")

Post by ViolaF »

May it helps, even if it's style instead of language :) ... 5&t=157101
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Re: Language switch not working ("solved")

Post by 3Di »

You probably should have overwritten the user data (options) in the database and then reloaded that page.
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