3.1.x Downgrade :

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3.1.x Downgrade :

Post by Spildit »


Is it possible to downgrade from the latest 3.1 version to the oldest 3.0.12 one without a full backup before the upgrade ?

I would like to attempt a downgrade so that old styles that are not yet compatible with 3.1.x would work again, but i don't have a full backup of the database prior to the upgrade to the latest 3.1, is there any way to revert the changes done by the upgrade and convert the database to the old format ?

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Re: 3.1.x Downgrade :

Post by david63 »

Without a database backup I would say that it is virtually impossible as there is no automatic downgrade script. You could possibly look at the code to see what database changes have been made and reverse them manually - but that is not something I would recommend unless you were very familiar with database manipulation, and if you were then you would have a backup to fall back on.
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Re: 3.1.x Downgrade :

Post by KevC »

You could ask your hosts if they have a recent backup.
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