Extension Problem as ACP

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Extension Problem as ACP

Post by -AymanBB »

I installed this Extensions, i uploaded alls the files and when i go in the ACP --> Customise -> Manage extensions i don't have got the extensios to enabled, why ? There are my ACP , please help me! :cry:
I only followed this guide

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Re: Extension Problem as ACP

Post by HiFiKabin »

First please be aware that the developer has clearly stated that this is not for use on a live board. However, if you wish to proceed:-

You have uploaded the files to the wrong directory. The correct path is ext/spaceace/ajaxchat
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Re: Extension Problem as ACP

Post by david63 »

Firstly you have a problem with your language file(s) - although I doubt that will be the cause of the extension loading problem.

Almost certainly you will not have the correct directory structure for the extension - it should be[forum root]/ext/spaceace/ajaxchat

Also note that this extension is still in development {beta] and should not be installed on a live board
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Re: Extension Problem as ACP

Post by Oyabun1 »

OP has already been told to seek support in the topic for the extension, so locking this.
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