Using A 3.0.14 Backup to Restore To 3.1.9

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Using A 3.0.14 Backup to Restore To 3.1.9

Post by ClassicMan » Tue May 31, 2016 11:07 am


I'm just upgrading from phpBB3.0.14 to the latest version, 3.1.9. This is a completely fresh full install having just moved to a different host.

Am I able to use one of my database backups from 3.0.14 to restore to my new updated version or will I need a different method to restore the new forums? I am using phpMyAdmin to backup and restore as they are small databases.

I'd appreciate any advice with this.


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Re: Using A 3.0.14 Backup to Restore To 3.1.9

Post by KevC » Tue May 31, 2016 11:12 am


Once the database it uploaded and the config.php information is correct, open the board’s /cache folder on the server and delete everything except index.htm and .htaccess and then go to
/install/database_update.php to start the upgrade process.
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Re: Using A 3.0.14 Backup to Restore To 3.1.9

Post by JimA » Tue May 31, 2016 11:14 am

Also, if you still have them, it might be useful to re-upload the images, files and store folders from your old 3.0.14 install, because otherwise you might have broken the already uploaded avatars and attachments from your members. :)
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