http error when uploading attachments

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Chuck Jones
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http error when uploading attachments

Post by Chuck Jones » Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:53 am

Since my previous posts about this error we have narrowed down the situation where it occurs. It is occurring primarily, maybe only, when the internet upload speed is degraded.

All along the failures have been almost entirely with my upload testing and very little with anyone else who is helping. So I had become suspicious. I live in the backwoods and my only choice of internet service is a cell phone interface box. Under normal circumstances my download speed is 10meg and the upload speed is 250k to 1.5meg and everything is fine. Tonight I discovered that my upload speed was around 150k and I got the error message on almost every attempt. After a reset of the interface box my upload speed went to 1.5 meg and all (10-12) uploads worked fine. These are the same ones that had failed many times earlier.

I'm thinking somewhere there is a timeout set too short and it gives this less than helpful error message.

I'm not sure if it is realistic to expect a fix, but I'm probably going to abandon my efforts toward the use of phpBB 3.1 if no solution is available. After four years of very good results with phpBB I would certainly dread making a change, but I know I'm not the only one with poor internet service and I'm just not willing to go live with this condition.

For what it's worth here is another picture of the error:
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Please describe your problem. Uploading files in a post causes erroneous and random problem as noted in earlier posts here. Basically we occasionally get "ERROR HTTP error." in a pop up message.
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