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Configure noreply address

Post by Sanborn »


I want to update my email settings to make sure that all emails send automatically by phpBB (notifications on new topic replies, new private messages, activate account etc) get a "" as REPLY address.
I want to keep "" as the TO address when users fill in the contact form.

In ACP I find two settings: contact address and reply address.
Smart as I am, I expected that I just had to put "info@..." as the contact address and "noreply@..." as the reply address. But that doesn't seem to work. Notifications are still sent with from "info@..." and reply-to "info@..."

I want to configure these as
From = info@....
Reply-to = noreply@...

How can I do that?

Various topics in the past on this matter, but none of them provide a working solution.


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