About your preventing spam sticky topic

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About your preventing spam sticky topic

Post by Xellon » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:03 pm

I've been dealing with spam for a long time when it comes to the Q&A counter measures. No matter what I read, weather on the sticky, advice from friends, nothing stopped the spam from entering on my forums. I've come to realize that the bots today are just very well done and become smarter along the way.

Pretty much, as long as you use instructions, spam will not stop. Ex, "type out first and last 3 characters of something" will no longer work. I assume as long as you can google the answer, the bot can find it as well (this is just a guess).

So I wanted to give an Q&A question and answer that will surely work. Basically, your Q&A question and answer needs to reflect your website in some way and the answer needs to be obvious. Here is an example:

Q - Whats the best file hosting site in the world?
A - "Insert site"

If you own a file hosting site, users who register will automatically assume that the answer is the name of your file hosting site. There is no way a bot will find the answer to this.

Q - Whats the best site to download free games from?
A - Insert site"

You get the idea. I used this type of Q&A and finally the bots have stopped and users are still registering without an issue. Hope this helps some people and perhaps mods can note this on the sticky.

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Re: About your preventing spam sticky topic

Post by KevC » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:11 pm

Q&A works fine if you choose the right kind of question.

Anything that requires some sort of logic to work out or seek out the answer generally works fine.

Some specific kinds of questions have been beaten (like the upper case letters in a code) but there are plenty of options on that style of question that still work fine. Also the list of questions and answers that the bots reference get updated from time to time. I got a big bot hit on all my sites in January. All at the same time. Completely unrelated sites but using the same style of question. So there had obviously been a dictionary update. I made one single letter change to the code it asked for and the bots stopped instantly.
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Re: About your preventing spam sticky topic

Post by stevemaury » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:17 pm

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