css files and performance

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css files and performance

Post by whocarez »

I'm not sure whether it is the right place to discuss this issue.

Looking in the source code of themes, there are several css files to load and this makes it necessary to get them by an extra request. The number is also rising with almost every extension. With all these @import commands I have on my board almost 36 requests, only to load the css files.
So the question is for me if it is possible to load all these css files in a row, when the template is compiled and integrate it into the html already in a <style> ... </style> part in the header? Integrating this approach would dramatically decrease the number of request and thus improve the performance of phpbb.
The same question is concerning the pictures in css, to combine them to css sprites. But that would be more difficult, I guess.
Could that be integrated into the core or by an extension or is Googles Pagespeed the only solution for this problem?
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Re: css files and performance

Post by Rahber »

Area 51 would be the right place to discuss if you are suggesting we should make changes in core to overcome this. I remember there was s style.php that used to get all the css and displayed at one but that was in 3.0.x times.

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