UCP looking odd on mobile with fixed width.

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UCP looking odd on mobile with fixed width.

Post by paracosm » Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:53 pm

The users of my forum requested a desktop version on mobile, which means I have edited one of the styles by turning off the responsive style. The site looks good on mobile, except for the user control panel, which looks as the following (I crossed out my friends and topic headers in the image):


Does anyone know what I have to edit to have the ucp align the menu and the 'content' next to eachother instead of underneath eachother?

Oh, and another unrelated question I was wondering about, is there also something I can put in my code so the page is always 'zoomed out' when loading the page? Because right now the user has to zoom out manually each time a page is loaded to see most of the forum's content.

Thanks in advance.


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