[Convertor] Aztek 4.0.x

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[Convertor] Aztek 4.0.x

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Please, see the Convert How To at the top of this forum for instructions on how to use the convertor.
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Re: [Convertor] Aztek 4.0.x

Post by BeatNick »

I need help ... at the end of conversion I get this error :
General Error:
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Unknown column 'deleted_done' in 'where clause' [1054]


SELECT inbox.id, inbox.recipient, inbox.sender, inbox.deleted AS inbox, inbox.seen FROM atk_inbox inbox WHERE (deleted_done <> 1) ORDER BY inbox.id LIMIT 2000
in file /var/www/html/ded/phpbb/db/driver/driver.php on line 999
I'm new to PHP and SQL queries ... I want to convert an old aztek forum to a fresh phpbb3.2.
I've been trying to do so by hand for days ! This convertor would save my life ;)
(PHP : 7.0.22 and mysql 5.7.19)

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