Advanced Shadow : sticky shadow and multi shadow topic

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Advanced Shadow : sticky shadow and multi shadow topic

Post by Walther » Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:17 pm

Once in a while you'll have a topic that actually could fit in 3 or 4 categories.
You also want all the answers going into just one topic instead of spread over all those categories.

When you have a topic which would fit in 2 categories, that is no problem, it can be solved with a shadow link to the original topic in the best fit categorie, but as soon as there are 3 or more categories that would fit and you still want to let all the answers go into the main, you'll have to make fake shadow topics and alter those with phpMyAdmin manually later.


Same thing goes when you want the shadow link to be sticky, you'll have to go into phpMyAdmin to make that happen


Is it not possible to make an extension for this ? Advanced Shadow which makes it posible to do all this without going into phpMyAdmin and later maybe even gets connected to the user rights so the moderators for example can use it too :idea:
Using shadow topics as a kind of 'shortcuts' so to speak.

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Re: Advanced Shadow : sticky shadow and multi shadow topic

Post by profKroy » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:54 pm

I'd definitely like to follow up on this. If a shadow topic's type could be changed i.e. sticky, standard, etc. this would be welcome flexibility for those who would like to copy important topics across multiple subforums.

An alternative would be 'Topic Link' functionality where the admin could create a new topic and just make it a link. That would work as well and perhaps would be easier. I can't seem to find an extension that will do either of the mentioned.

Suggestions or solutions?
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