Alt tags image attachments conversion

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Alt tags image attachments conversion

Post by urzh »

I need an extension that will automatically convert attachment image filenames in posts (JPG/PNG/GIF) from "this-is-an-image.jpg" to "this is an image" alt text, essentially removing the dashes from the image file names. I created a PHPBB board that i'm the only poster on and intentionally created descriptive image filenames for PHPBB to convert to alt text. Google wants all image file names to use dashes, thus I believe this extension could be useful to the community too. However, I'm finding the dashes in the files names alt text description are not getting indexed in Google image search.

I need the extension to also make use of best practices mentioned here

So converting a post image file to alt text should like something like

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<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="Dalmatian puppy playing fetch"/>

I need the extension for PHPBB 3.3.2. This would be a paid extension I suppose.
UPDATE - In hopes to make the request easier, the board I am using only has GIF/PNG/JPG attachments in posts. It is only for these types of image file attachments.
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