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Before Requesting an Extension

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:40 pm
by DavidIQ
Before Requesting a Extension

Before creating a topic in the Extension Requests forums, we ask that users first search for their desired Extension. In some cases, the Extension will have already been created, thus searching will save you a lot of time.

In phpBB3, the search function is very flexible, so searching for a particular Extension is a quick and easy process.
  1. Click the search button in the top right of the screen: Image Search
  2. In the "Search for keywords" field, enter keywords specific to the Extension you are looking for.

  3. Just below, in the "Search in forums" field, select the forums that apply to you. For instance, if you are looking for a Shoutbox Extension for phpBB 3.0.x, you would select (by holding down "Ctrl" and left clicking on Windows, or "Command" and left clicking on Mac) [3.1.x] Extension Database Releases (WILL BE CREATED IN THE FUTURE) and perhaps [3.1.x] Extensions in Development (Note: Extensions in Development are not recommended for use on a live forum, bear this in mind when installing development Extensions).

  4. Further down the search page, next to "Display results as:", ensure "Topics" is selected. This will save time as you won't have to trawl through many posts from the same topic.

  5. When you are satisfied, click the "Search" button.
  6. You should then see a listing of all related Extensions. Follow the links to any that are appealing to you.
If you cannot find any relevant Extensions, or you get a message "No suitable matches were found.", try adjusting the keywords. The initial keywords may have been too broad or unspecific. If after searching, you are sure no such Extension exists, please feel free to make an Extension request.

If you wish to request an Extension for phpBB 3.1.x, proceed to create a new topic in the [3.1.x] Extension Requests forum.

Please don't make your topic title ambiguous, this will lead to your topic being less likely to be read because it does not clearly define what you wish to request, for example:

"Help, please!!!" is ambiguous, where as "Opt out of mass e-mail" is not.

Do not use all CAPS, it will result in your topic being locked, even if only half the topic title is all caps.

In the message body, ensure you clearly outline the functionality you wish the Extension to have.

All Extension authors volunteer their time when creating Extensions, and as such, there is no guarantee your Extension Request will be fulfilled. The Extensions Development Team hand-picks Extensions that will be developed based on polls and investigation and does not monitor this forum. They are not under the obligation to handle any requests posted in this forum but will, from time to time, look through this forum for ideas.

The Extension Request forums are not for phpBB support, Extension support or any other Extension related questions or topics. If you are unsure where your topic fits, feel free to PM an Extensions Team member for clarification.

Let us reiterate, Extensions in Development are not recommended for use on a live forum, it is important that you bear this in mind when installing development Extensions. If you are not confident with Extensions, it is advised that you only use Extensions validated by the Extension Team, when those become available. All validated Extensions can be found in the Extensions Database.

Thank you,
phpBB Extensions Team

Re: Before Requesting an Extension

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:15 pm
by DavidIQ
NOTE: There is absolutely no need to put a prefix in your topic's title. The use of [REQ] is not needed nor recommended. Please don't use it.

Thank you.