External Image Proxy / Cache for HTTPS Preservation

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External Image Proxy / Cache for HTTPS Preservation

Post by Private_Ale »


Something I haven't seen is an image proxy or cache extension.

Many sites in recent times make use of HTTPS for secure connections, however with the UGC nature of forums, it can be difficult to prevent mixed content. The official phpBB forums use Camo, however it is overkill for many situations, but also impossible for others.

Ideas on how such an extension may work:
  • A simple proxy - Remote images in [img] tags are rewritten to proxy through the host.
  • Attachments - Remote images are retrieved at submission and are added to that users attachments.
  • Caching - Somewhat of a hybrid of the above, remote images are rewritten to proxy through host, but also served from the host for a short while. This is similar to how it's done on Xenforo.
I do like the second point, as it permits users to easier manage it and it also guarantees future availability of the image, something which may prove invaluable as years go on and the remote websites disappear. It would also be harder to abuse.

Thanks for any consideration.
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Re: External Image Proxy / Cache for HTTPS Preservation

Post by Holger »

Running a forum (3.0.12) with heavy photo-posting, also from external resources.
I have an "add on" programmed with which I can transfer external images to my server with one click (admins/mods).
Of course user can tick an option that they do NOT want the images transfered.

Dont forget: there might be legal problems (copyright) if images are transfered autmatically without the possibility to prevent that.

There is a problem with external https-servers. It is not possible to automatically transfer images from https-servers with my tool.

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