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External image gallery

Post by millipede » Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:45 pm

I've always liked the idea of having an image gallery, especially something where members can each have their own gallery where their images can be organized and shared.

What I've always worried about is storage and bandwidth. My board is not active enough to REALLY worry about such a thing but, if it ever gets going, that could be an issue.

A couple years ago I started looking around to see if there were any options(didn't find any) where you could put an image gallery into phpbb and have the images actually hosted somewhere else. Photobucket for instance.
If there would be a gallery of images that display, well in a gallery format ON the forum, but the images are simply stored somewhere else.

Originally, I even looked around for photobucket specific apps/extensions.
I know in one of the older phpbb versions, there was an extension for uploading to imageshack directly from the posting page you were on. That did nothing for a gallery of course.
I am wondering if there would be a way to create a gallery/album within phpbb where people could upload while on, say my site, but the images uploaded to another site... and then displayed within my forum.
Does that make sense?

IF it's possible, I think it's something that could be done more than one way. It could be setup to work with a specific image host... or, it could be setup to work with any.

My ideal idea here is to be able to upload images directly from my forum. However, I think it would be possible(maybe easier?) to also just have the gallery format setup as an extension with the simple option to post image code/links into the gallery. Meaning the person would still have to go to the external website to upload(say to photobucket, or flickr, or any other) and then in the forum, simply put in the image link and it would display in the gallery.

It's an idea anyway.

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Re: External image gallery

Post by Simmonsstummer » Sun May 29, 2016 4:12 pm

I'm looking for something like that too.
I'm using an extension for tinypic but what i want is for Flickr.

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Re: External image gallery

Post by Jabhi » Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:24 am

Go phpBB go... Respected : Developers, Supporters.

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