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Automatic Installation/Updating Solution?

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:20 am
by rickey29
Hello everyone,

I would like to develop a package. Before beginning, I would like to hear your suggestion.

I want to develop a automatic module installation and/or updating solution, something like AutoMOD: . The difference is my package is a set of scripts, it runs within telnet/ssh environment, it avoids manual web browser interaction like AutoMOD -- all input data is saved in configuration file, package scripts read these data during installation and/or updating. It can be used for phpBB and/or its styles/extensions installation and/or updating.

You know, it is easy to make mistake when people do text input and/or mouse click. However, Unix/Linux commands, in the other side, when you input the right command and/or parameters, it is easy to get the right result -- we can always improve the commands/scripts in simulation environment before using them on real web site.

Generally, I develop this package because: (1) there are so many open source CMS projects today; (2) each project has a lot of style/extension modules; (3) these projects and modules need to do installation and/or updating very often; (4) these projects and modules are used on more and more web sites. It is reasonable to consider a script solution, not do them all from web browser interface all the time.

Why I raise this idea at this time, why not early? Many years ago, when I play phpBB, (it is phpBB 2 era,) I can only find web hosting providing web and FTP interface. It is impossible to find one having a telnet/ssh interface with a acceptable price. However, right now, ssh is more and more popular and cheaper, such as AWS EC2, Linode: and DigitalOcean: . So it is the time to raise my question: do you need a solution for automatic installation/updating?

My plan is: (1) I will develop a phpBB 3.1 installation script; (2) then, develop a phpBB 3.1 updating script; (3) then, develop some popular phpBB styles/extensions installation/updating script; (4) then, develop scripts for other popular projects and modules.

While, before all of these, I would like to hear your feedback. Any comments are welcome.


Re: Automatic Installation/Updating Solution?

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:51 am
by david63
Before you get too far down the road have you seen this? This extension will do a lot of what you are planning - albeit not automatically.

The big issue that I, and I suspect many others, will have is that automatic upgrades are not a good idea for a lot of phpBB installations due to the fact that many sites (rightly or wrongly) have core code changes to both code and style (and in some cases extension) files.

Also you need to bear in mind that to update an extension it first of all has to be disabled, then the files deleted before the new files can be uploaded and finally enabled.

just uploading a new set of files to phpBB would, in my opinion, be a disaster and this idea is, whilst having some merits, is something that personally I would not be interested in. I like to be in control of what is happening on my sites, then if it goes "pear shaped" I at least have some idea of what/where the problem is.

Re: Automatic Installation/Updating Solution?

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:48 pm
by Lumpy Burgertushie
for comparison;

most hosting companies provide a one click install for phpbb and many other web based scripts/programs.
many of those one click programs also do automatic updates without even asking the user if they want an update.

this causes lots of problems.

the one click installs of phpb are not supporte here because they have to change the files in order for it to work. also, many of them do not work properly to begin with.
also, the auto updates are very often complete disasters and users lose everything.

as for phpbb 3.1 the whole point of the extensions is to eliminate some of the problems you are trying to solve with your scripts and it took the team here several years to get it to this point.

as for things like ssh being available now more than it was before , you must be fairly new to the website business. back when I started, that type of command line access was all that was available to be able to manage your websites.

however, you are right, web hosting was much more expensive back then.


Re: Automatic Installation/Updating Solution?

Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:05 am
by rickey29
Hi David and Robert,

Thanks for your feedback.

First of all, I still believe this automatic installation and updating is necessary. Considering ten years later, we have about ten times more CMS projects, ten times more extension/style modules, installing on ten more web servers... We can not do the installation and updating through web interface like today, there must be something we can and have to improve.

Secondly, I give up this development because, thanks for your explanation, I realize that this work is beyond my capability. I can not influence each extension/style developer to submit code in a "automatic installation/un-installation" way, I can not do it for each module even I provide a installation/updating platform.

Hope someone can bring a breakthrough idea.