Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

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Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

Post by masterolive »

So I decided to create a Phpbb3 forum based off an Idea I have with a friend evolving around the somewhat abandoned RIVALS 2.0 mod here: viewtopic.php?t=2095711
a coder named Soshen was able to finish the previously abandoned 1.0 rivals mod and crated a better version.

Although it too looked to be abandoned, there was a finished and workable mod for the clan system I intended to use but I am disappointed to discover that the latest phpbb3 release does not support any MODs :(
So I hope someone can do something like this for the forum. IT IS DESPERATELY NEEDED!!!

BASIC Features I, and All players/admins would like to see for phpbb3:
  • -New "CLANS" main menu tab that displays all created clans.
    -Allow special user groups to "Create and Manage Clan + Edit Profile"
    -Clan profile displays basic info, members, and user uploaded emblem.
    -Any user can view a clan profile and apply to join with a optional message box to go along with the apply button.
    -Clan leader can personally Invite a user into the clan.
    -All members that join a clan will now have the emblem uploaded by the leader display by their picture/details on the forum.
    -Clan leader will have the same emblem along with a "Captain" or "Leader" flair associated with their picture/details.
    -Possible flair and options for leader to appoint Officers, and selectable permissions for officers.
    (Officers can only add/banish members, or update clan info etc...)
This alone would create a dynamic and social clan experience that users can have to show off their own clans and emblems all around the forum. If this simple extension could be made, it would open the door for advanced clan features I will list below:

ADVANCED features
  • -Challenge a Clan Button located in clan profile page, only visible to clan leaders.
    -an Issued challenge must be declined or accepted by opposing clan.
    -a front page widget to display recent accepted challenges.

    -Accepted challenges must create some form of a private battle page where members can see CLAN VS CLAN and a comment box where they can discuss terms or fight ect.
    -On the same page, Only the two leaders will see a check box to later choose who won the match.
    -When the battle is over, the leaders will check off the wining team, and once Both votes are submitted, the page will update and display the winner.
    -The page cannot update or submit until BOTH votes are accounted towards ONE clan.

    -A front page widget to display recent winners.
    -Win and Losses will be added to clan profiles.
    -Set default display to "clans with most wins" on the main clan page, but also allow other filter options, like name, date created, or losses ect.
  • -Tournament system.
    -Appointed Moderators can create a tournament public tournament with a starting time.
    -Clan leaders can Join the tournament or spectators can see clans that have joined.
    -Once the tournament commences, the page will display a randomly generated tournament tree, and will have a discussion box below only available to the contesters.
    -Moderator must stand by and update win losses accordingly.
    -Anyone can view the tournament tree and see the the discussion of contesters and tree updates by the moderator.

    -Once the tournament is over, the moderator would have appointed the victor at the top of the tree and submit the winner.
    -The tournament page will be archived.
    -Winners of tournament will have champion flair on their clan profile/ and personal posting details.
    -3 Runner ups will also have lesser runner up flair on the clan profile and personal profiles.
winner and runner up flair can only change when a new tournament is created and submitted.
The flair will automatically display on the new winners and runner ups, and will disappear from the previous winners.

Thats all I can think of for a cool clan system.

at the very least, have the zip files of the final Rivals 2.0 Build, along with a Fixed update if someone just wants to port it over to extensions.

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Re: Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

Post by aduh »

It would be great to get such extension.
Many of gaming forums or clan site with phpBB will use it for sure.
I will use it for sure.

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Re: Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

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Re: Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

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Re: Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

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Re: Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

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+1 :!:

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Re: Clan Rivals and or Tournament System.

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